‘Howgate Close’, rural housing by numbers

Dr Jerry Harrall

‘Howgate Close’, rural housing by numbers

22nd July 2021

Literally describing ‘Howgate Close’ by numbers gets us closer to a formulaic solution for replicable rural housing.

Dr Chris Parsons project, Howgate Close, will deliver 9 rented homes with accommodation for up to 23 local people. His development takes 10acres out of agriculture to deliver 9 single-storey privately rented dwellings with access to 8acres of managed wildlife area. His aim is to provide exceptional energy efficient homes (SAP Rating 142A) with low running costs for some of the local 415 population (Census 2011) Many of whom who have been priced out of local home-ownership with average Eakring house prices at £405,129 an increase of 12.35% since June 2020.

As a second-generation farmer of 1,500acres, whose family have been farming in Eakring, Notts, since 1939, Dr Parsons is looking to create a commercially viable rural housing template for other UK farmers to adopt.

One of the project’s legacies, will be its contribution to generational settlement growth, increasing Eakrings’ circa 200 households by 4.5% with a potential concomitant 5.5% population increase. This growth is facilitated by an additional 14 bedrooms from 5no. 2bedroom and 4no.1bedroom dwellings with a total floor area of 474m2.

Another lasting contribution for the households, is an accelerated transition to a post-hydrocarbon era. Collectively, the 9 homes will generate annually around 50,000kWhrs of renewable electricity from 138 roof mounted photovoltaic (PV)panels. It’s estimated, each home will generate 50% more energy than they consume due in part to their low rates of heat loss (Building U-Value 0.16W/m2K) These super-insulated fabrics are achieved with 968sheets (246 cubic metres) of Ravago’s ‘Ravatherm’ extruded polystyrene insulation boards (Lambda value 0.027W/mK) enveloping the entire building.

Third party verification of the project’s exceptional energy efficiency and carbon mitigation standards, is provided by Elmhurst’s SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) calculation which have produced Ratings of 131A and 142A. Once registered, these EPC’s can accurately be described as ‘one in a million’.

Other Useful Information:

Planning Authority Newark & Sherwood District Council: https://www.newark-sherwooddc.gov.uk

Builder: Eagle Building Specialists: https://www.eaglebuildingspecialists.co.uk 

Photovoltaics: Cambridge Solar: https://www.cambridge-solar.co.uk

Project Manager: Ian Walton ian@ianwaltondesigner.co.uk 

Design SAP Calculation: Elmhurst Energy Service: https://www.elmhurstenergy.co.uk

Structural Defects Warranty: ICW http://i-c-w.co.uk

Turton Building Control: http://www.turtonbc.co.uk

Designers: https://www.hockertonhousingproject.org.uk

Hardwick Windows: https://www.hardwickwindows.co.uk

Electric underfloor heating Gaia: https://www.gaia.co.uk

Technical Consultant Dr Jeremy Harrall www.drharrall.com