A Unique Property: Dial Corner Building Plot For Sale

dial corner

A Unique Property: Dial Corner Building Plot For Sale

Civilisation is in the midst of a transition to a post-hydrocarbon era. Dial Corner provides an opportunity to adapt to this emerging future. The future challenge is to live without resort to fossil fuels for power, transportation and heating. To decarbonise our homes we need to operate them free of their reliance on fossil-fuels.

About Dial Corner

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On A Journey Towards Decarbonisation

Dial Corner is a dwelling fit for the post-hydrocarbon era. This is a building design solution that makes the transition to a fossil-fuel-free existence immediately. It self-regulates its internal air temperature without resort to mechanical appliances, is naturally ventilated, generates its own energy, harvests its own water and manages its own waste.

It is these building characteristics that will be an imperative in a decarbonised world. Energy independence with an off-grid capability will assist in reducing issues of grid capacity and form an integral part of smart micro grids. Annually, Dial Corner will generate a surplus of energy, sufficient to power another dwelling.

If predictions of a warming climate and population increase prove accurate, then another building imperative could be to include better conservation and harvesting of our most precious finite resource, water. At Dial Corner, all its water will be sourced on site.

This property will operate beyond zero carbon has achieved an exceptional Design SAP Rating  of 167’A’, a standard in advance of the UK Government’s Law with a 2050 mandate.

Of the 15million EPC’s registered in the UK, this property’s EPC, once built, will be in the top 0.001%, this is truly an exceptional building.