Dr Jerry Harrall

“As custodians of our fragile environment, it is incumbent upon each one of us to practice responsible stewardship in every aspect of our lives”

Dr Jerry Harrall, Architect

Dr Jerry Harrall is an independent consultant specialising in the design and adaptation of fossil-fuel-free buildings. Based in Lincolnshire, Jerry works both in the UK and abroad. Delivering on development mandates that work towards the inevitable post-hydrocarbon era.

Through his consultancy services, Dr Jerry Harrall seeks to share his knowledge and experience. By supporting and facilitating responsible management within the built environment.

He specialises in pushing the boundaries of a development’s environmental performance while considering the true cost of ownership and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

Dr Jerry Harrall offers an understanding of construction and an in-depth knowledge of environmentally responsible architecture. His projects have received both national and international awards for their environmental credentials.

As a former tradesman, his consultancy service is grounded with pragmatic solutions and first hand site experience.

Dr Jerry Harrall has twenty years first hand experience in designing, building, living and working in naturally and ventilated buildings. That operate with significantly reduced use of fossil fuels.

Dr Harrall’s experience and knowledge have produced an eclectic portfolio of projects. Including some of the UK’s most energy efficient buildings. Third party verification via SAP has seen his building designs achieve Design SAP Rating’s as high as 166A.

Part of his professional portfolio includes environmentally responsible product’s which include ‘Indie House’, ‘Greening-the-Box’, ‘Buddy’, and ‘Sun Pod’ and an innovative form of concrete.

To get in touch with Dr Harrall about his consultancy services, please use the contact page.