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A light touch

A light touch

A unique consultancy informing solutions for a post hydrocarbon age. Future planning and future living for a sustainable tomorrow.

With the rise of housing prices and the number of people on Earth having an impact on the environment, we are becoming more and more concerned about leaving our environmental footprints. We provide an eco-friendly approach to the process of building your dream home.

Green construction has been gaining popularity, as it combines mainstream features with the use of a more unique materials. Some of the materials are so unusual, that we would never have thought of them, when thinking about investing in building a modern and unique house.

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Sustainable Solutions

We provide everything from infrastructure auditing and sustainable materials supply chains to full adaption solutions reducing your reliance on a carbon dependence.

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Sustainable Solutions

Future planning with Style

There is no time like the present to start making decisions that have a positive impact on the future

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